MCP 101 provides a “one-stop” website containing useful information regarding education, training, and career opportunities in the United States Military and the Department of Defense.  All information and programs are funded by the United States Government and are provided at no-cost.

This website is designed to provide useful information for all audiences:


*Students and other job-seekers will find information on military career postsecondary opportunities, full-time on active duty or as a part-time military reservist, both as an enlisted service member or officer.
*Secondary and postsecondary educators/career counselors will find free resources to help students succeed in school, as well as information to help them provide useful information to students considering military service, and to ensure military-related opportunities are appropriately represented as part of their comprehensive career counseling programs.  In addition to military service, visitors can also find information on non-military, Department of Defense civilian internship, postsecondary education, and employment opportunities.
*Parents will find free tools to help their child succeed in school, as well as useful information describing military opportunities for their son/daughter, including career opportunities, scholarship opportunities, pay and education benefits, and what happens at each step of the enlistment process.
See what happens when the U.S.Army  and the Nation’s educational leaders get together.